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Homebrew keg – $50-$100

It seems like most homebrewers who keg never have enough kegs. It’s always good to have the next keg ready when the last one kicks. they are good to bulk age beer in. they can be used as fermenters. and they’re stainless!! So shiny!! If you’re shopping for a kegger, then perhaps the only important thing to […]

Amazon Prime $100

This will sound weird, but Amazon is amazing for homebrewers. There are great prices on most brewing gear, books, and even ingredients. Getting most of those with free shipping is even better! I use prime all the time, and I cant really see going back to life without it. Oh yeah, a prime member can […]

Wort chiller – $90

Reducing brewing time The biggest time-sink in brewing is cooling the beer (technically called wort, but whatever) down from boiling at 212 to around 70 degrees. This can take over an hour if you don’t do anything special, but it can be cut to under 10 minutes if you put a little bit of effort behind […]