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DIY Kegerator – $320

For less than half of the price of the fancy kegerator you can buy a kit to turn an existing fridge into a kegerator. This kit gives you kegs, lines, taps and faucets. Add a 5# co2 tank to it and you are ready to roll for under $350. I want to add that this […]

Kegerator – $750

Owning a kegerator is a shared dream of most homebrewers. Not only does it make you feel like you own a bar, it allows you to serve fresh beer at a moment’s notice and it saves you a lot of time spent in bottling. This setup has everything your brewer would need to start kegging […]

Picobrew Zymatic $2000

Some homebrewers get more interested in the recipe formulation while others tinker with the process or the equipment. The Picobrew is an ‘appliance’ that handles most of the steps of making beer in a efficient robotic manner. This can appeal to some people because they like the planning and the drinking part, but they don’t¬†necessarily¬†enjoy […]